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ACATOM is a development company with over 13 years of experience on the market. It has solid roots in the construction industry, as it comes from a contractor company that has been operating for over 20 years .

ACATOM implements housing investments with respect for the natural environment, ethics and, above all, with the satisfaction of customers and future residents.


The choice of a place of residence is one of the most important and at the same time the most difficult decisions made in the life of every human being. It often requires sacrifices and causes a lot of stress. But it also brings with it the expectation that dreams will come true...


Therefore, when preparing and implementing our housing projects, we aim to provide a product of high quality at an affordable price. We sdo our best to implement projects that are distinguished by timeless, simple and modern architecture, high-quality building materials, and above all, above-average functionality.


Our employees and subcontractors are high level professionals with a passion for creation. Constantly remembering that each subsequent investment is not only square meters, but above all a place where our clients will spend a significant part of their lives. That is why they translate their passion into continuous efforts to ensure that future residents receive a perfectly matched space. They constantly remember that the quality of life of future residents depends on the quality of their work today for the next several, several dozen and sometimes even several dozen years.


So far, we have built and sold over 580 apartments and several dozen commercial premises. These are flats and premises located in the investments completed so far in Krakow

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City Usable area (m2) Number of apartments
Gliwice 8 419 152
Katowice 7 442 131
Krakow 50 516 827
Rzeszow 13 067 230
Warsaw 6 896 137
Sum 86 340 1 477

Questions and answears

Does the developer own the plot on which the investment is being built?
Yes, the developer is the owner of the land on which the investment is being developed.
Does the investment have a final building permit?
Yes, each investment we implement is carried out in accordance with the law, so before we start any construction works, it is necessary to obtain a final building permit. Each client has the right to access all documents confirming the legal status of the investment.
Is the development venture financed?
Investments made by us are not encumbered with credit, they are carried out with the company's own funds.
Is the company entered in the Land and Mortgage Register as the owner / perpetual usufructuary.
Yes, the company is the owner (or has the right of perpetual usufruct) of the real estate on which the investment is carried out. At the client's request, it is possible to read the content of the Land and Mortgage Register.
Does the developer comply with the provisions of the developer act?
Yes, the developer complies with the Act of September 16, 2011 on the protection of the rights of buyers of a flat or a single-family house, commonly known as the developer act.
Are funds deposited into an escrow account?
Yes, if the client buys a flat before the construction is completed, his money goes to an escrow account kept by the bank. The funds from the escrow account are intended for the construction and finishing of residential premises, and the developer receives them from the bank as construction works progress. The bank controls not only the completion of each stage of the project, but also the way in which the developer uses the funds from the escrow account and the appropriateness of spending these funds. This ensures that the interests of customers and the funds paid to the premises of their choice are protected.
Who deals with the general contracting of investments?
The current general contractor of our investments is company named Sarivo, a proven company with an established position on the market. We also work with other companies that we choose on the basis of an analysis of offers and investments made so far.
Is it possible to check the company's financial condition?
Each client has the opportunity to view the company's financial statements.
Is it possible to see the investment before it is put into use?
After making an appointment with the seller, customers can see the progress of works on the construction site. The current state of advancement can be followed on the website in the photo documentation tab for each investment.
Can I settle formal issues with a notary of my choice?
We recommend a notary office cooperating with us, for reasons of security, as well as low rates negotiated by us. At the client's request, we carry out formalities in the office of his choice.
Is the estate fenced?
This information is included in the description of the investment, not all our investments are fenced. It depends on the area in which the investment is located. We make sure not to disturb the spatial order around the investment.
Will there be a playground on the estate?
Each of our investments has its own spatial development plan, indicating the organization of the area around the estate. If it is possible in the estate, we designate a place and organize a playground for children. Such information is included in the description of the investment.
What is "developer level"?
The developer status or level is the standard in which flats are handed over, and its general description can be found in the "Flat finishing standard" tab on the website of each investment. The finishing standard is also included in the information prospectus, which is an attachment to the developer agreement and contains a technical description of the apartment and the building, as well as specifies the equipment, the scope of finishing and the type of materials used. We also provide detailed information on this subject at the sales offices.
Is it possible to introduce changes on apartment, i.e. additional works - e.g. moving partition walls or positioning radiators?
It is possible after consultation with the technical department, which will conduct an analysis of the possibilities, estimate the cost of work and present it to the client for approval.
What will be the deadline for handing over the apartments?
All flats are handed over for use after obtaining an occupancy permit for a given investment.
What will be the construction completion date?
The construction completion date is indicated in the investment description and is consistent with the date specified in the development contract. We have no delays in meeting the deadlines for completing the construction of individual investments.
How can I book an apartment? Do we sign reservation agreements?
Apartments in our investments can be booked by visiting in one of our sales offices, by phone or e-mail. We guarantee 7 days of pre-booking an apartment with no formal obligations. Depending on the individual investment and the stage of its construction, we offer reservation agreements or only development agreements.
How much is the booking fee?
The booking fee, depending on the investment, ranges from 5,000 PLN up to 10,000 PLN
What is the repayment schedule?
The value of the apartment is usually divided into installments, which the client pays to an escrow account. The amount of installments is determined on the basis of the development project schedule. The installment payment schedule is specified in the developer agreement. There is a possibility of individual scheduling.
What will be the amount of the maintenance cost?
The amount of the maintenance cost is determined by the entity administering a given investment, after its commissioning. We reliably select management companies to whom we entrust implemented investments, based on the cooperation so far and references from individual companies.
How are balconies / terraces / gardens finished?
Information on the method of finishing balconies, terraces and gardens is included in the information prospectus attached to the developer agreement.

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