Mikołowska Apartments

City: Gliwice

Number of buildings: 1

Number of apartments: 152

Area: 29-99m2

End of construction: mid 2023

list of apartments service premises parking places storage rooms

About investment

Miłkowska apartments is a new residential investment in the city center of Gliwice. One of its main advantages is an attractive location with convenient communication and proximity to the Old Town of Gliwice. In the immediate vicinity there are schools, kindergartens, restaurants, theaters and other interesting service places recreational areas where you can spend your free time in a good way. The investment was designed for active people who want to enjoy life using the benefits of the city and nature.

Apartamenty Mikołowska is a six-story building with an interesting architectural form with a charming patio available to residents. It consists of 152 apartments and 7 service premises. The available apartments range from 29 to 99 m2. All apartments are characterized by an optimal spatial arrangement, which ensures the comfort of their use. For the convenience of residents, outdoor and underground parking spaces have also been designed, as well as a place with a charger for electric cars and storage rooms.

Get to know the investment

Good location

Good location

Residents of Apartments Mikołowska will be able to use all the advantages of living in the city center from numerous cafes, bars and restaurants. The distance to the charming Market Square in Gliwice is only 500 m.

Service premises

Service premises

The investment is surrounded by numerous service points - there are hairdressing studios, a medical center, banks, schools, kindergartens and a post office nearby. Additionally, on the ground floor of the investment, a commercial space has been separated for the benefit of the residents.

Public transport

Public transport

In close proximity to the investment, there is a bus stop, from which buses depart every few minutes towards Zabrze and Mikołów, as well as to the Europa Centralna shopping center.

Wózkownia rowerownia

Wózkownia rowerownia

Dla wygody mieszkańców w części wspólnej na parterze budynku znajdą się pomieszczenia do przechowywania rowerów i wózków dziecięcych, dzięki czemu nie będzie potrzeby wykorzystywania w tym celu powierzchni prywatnych mieszkań i komórek lokatorskich.

You'll find nearby


pharmacy - 50 m

Lucjan's Barber Shop

Barber – 150m 

Post office

LUXMED Gliwice

Medical center – 400 m 


City Theater in Gliwice

Theater 900 m


Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

Church - 150 m

Main Square in Gliwice

Main Square in Gliwice - 500 m


Park - 1,5 km


Kindergarden - 300 m

Primary school

Primary school - 550 m

High school

High school – 650 m 

The Silesian Technical University

The Silesian Technical University - 400 m


Tesco megastore - 700 m

Log building

09 May 2023

Elewacja wschodnia


14 Apr 2023

Zalewanie stropu nad ostatnią kondygnacją


24 Mar 2023

Montaż okien i pierwsze prace przy elewacji


13 Mar 2023

Pierwszy fragment dachu nad V piętrem


14 Feb 2023

Widok na patio


03 Jan 2023

Zbrojenie płyty nad III piętrem


28 Nov 2022

Zbrojenie płyty nad II piętrem


28 Oct 2022

Szalunki płyty nad I piętrem i ściany piętra drugiego - w drugiej części budynku


06 Oct 2022

Szalunki płyty nad I piętrem i pierwsze ściany piętra drugiego


20 Sep 2022

Szalunki płyty nad I piętrem


06 Sep 2022

Wznoszenie ścian I piętra cd...


19 Aug 2022

Wznoszenie ścian I piętra


02 Aug 2022

Zbrojenie i betonowanie płyty nad parterem


07 Lul 2022

Betonowanie płyty garażu


15 Jun 2022

Kontynuacja prac przy garażu podziemnym (stan 0) oraz przy ścianach i płycie parteru


27 May 2022

Początek wznoszenia ścian na kondygnacji 0


04 May 2022

Płyta nad poziomem -1 i wjazd do garażu podziemnego


04 Apr 2022

Ściany obwodowe i wewnętrzne garażu oraz kolejny fragment stropu nad kondygnacją -1 cd...


23 Mar 2022

Ściany obwodowe i wewnętrzne garażu oraz kolejny fragment stropu nad kondygnacją -1


04 Mar 2022

Ściany kondygnacji podziemnej cd...


22 Feb 2022

Ściany kondygnacji podziemnej oraz zbrojenie płyty nad kondygnacją -1


02 Feb 2022

Walls of the Underground Storey


13 Jan 2022

The formwork is being built


03 Jan 2022

Foundation works and continuation of garage wall reinforcement


21 Dec 2021

The first crane started working


14 Dec 2021

Reinforcement of structural elements of the underground storey


30 Nov 2021

Reinforcement of successive areas of the foundation slab cont ...


19 Nov 2021

Reinforcement of successive fields of the foundation slab


05 Nov 2021

Pouring lean concrete and reinforcement of the first two fields of the foundation slab


25 Oct 2021

Pouring lean concrete


12 Oct 2021

Strengthening the bearing capacity of the soil


23 Sep 2021

Digging the trench


03 Sep 2021

Beginning of digging the trench


Sales office offices

Apartamenty Mikołowska


Local sales office for apartments

Mikołowska 7 street, room 405

32 32 000 32 gliwice@acatom.pl

Opening hours:
mo-fri.: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
sat.: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.